Release Day: Testing and Writing Patches with the Drupal Ladder

We've been doing a lot of work with the Drupal Ladder, and we have two new FREE videos in the Drupal Ladder series. These cover the next two steps of the Ladder, testing and writing patches. Both lessons use a Drupal 8 sandbox site that has a known bug in it. First you walk through the process of testing a patch that someone else has provided, and in the next lesson you learn how to write that patch yourself. There is no crazy coding involved — the patch is changing some help text in Drupal core. You just need to have gone through the previous steps on the ladder, which have you installing Drupal locally, installing Git, and playing in the issue queue. While dealing with patches can sound like a scary technical thing, it is actually quite easy, and a huge help to the Drupal community. Come learn some new skills, and set yourself up to learn even more.

We're actively working on creating new ladders for various initiatives and components of Drupal 8, so look for some more videos about that to come out soon.


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