Come Meet Us at Badcamp

The Drupalize.Me team loves to attend Drupal events, and we're stoked to be going to BADcamp in Berkeley, California next week, along with a whole group of Lullabots. BADcamp is, by far, the largest free Drupal event, clocking in with over 1500 attendees this year. It remains a free event due to strong sponsorship, and Drupalize.Me is proud to be a Contributing Sponsor this year. In addition to the great fun to be had (Pirate costume party!), and the tons of sessions (over 90), there are a number of sprints, topical summits, training days, and a job fair.

We're particularly excited about the two days of free training being offered as well, as we'll be giving our Community Tools workshop in a new full-day format (we are repeating the same workshop on both days). Previously we have done this workshop in a half-day to get people bootstrapped as quickly as possible, covering the basics of using IRC, the Drupal issue queue, getting a local development site, and touching the tip of the iceberg with Git. With the nice open schedule of a full day at BADcamp though, we can really dive into more detail and cover more tools, including Drush in the mix, and spending time to really get people more familiar with Git.

After two days of training fun, you'll be seeing Lullabots all over the place during the camp. Both Joe and I have sessions, in addition to many other Lullabots:

  • "Views. Huh! What is it good for?" by Joe Shindelar
  • "The Drupal Ladder" by Addison Berry, with Karyn Cassion
  • "Flexible Image Galleries with File Entities" by Nate Haug
  • "Introduction to Module Development" by Matt Kleve
  • and also "Node Access for Common Folks With Uncommon Problems" by Matt Kleve
  • "Do More with LESS" by Sean Lange
  • "Drupal Talk with Crell and Eaton" with Jeff Eaton and Larry Garfield
  • "Going Mobile" by Sally Young and Blake Hall
  • "Building Communities using Organic Groups" by Andrew Berry

You can also get a peek at how the Drupalize.Me mobile apps were developed by attending Sumit Kataria's session, "In-depth : Creating Native Mobile Apps with Drupal as Base."

This is going to be a blast! If you are going to be attending BADcamp as well, make sure you find us out and about, or swing by our booth, so we can meet you, say "hi," and get a sparkly, limited-edition BADcamp pony sticker. See you in California soon!

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