New Series: Deploying Your Code with Beanstalk

This week I am continuing the trend of mini-series with some lessons on deploying your code, in the FREE Deploying Your Code Without a Terminal series. The reason behind this quick set of videos is that not everyone is command line savvy, and not everyone has to be. What is important though, is getting your code into version control, and there are plenty of tools that let you do that using a graphical interface. That is all good and well, but what do you do once your code is in version control and you need to get it live on the web? Using the web tool Beanstalk, you can deploy from version control and never open the terminal. This is a great lesson for those of us who want to do things properly, but don't have the time or desire to learn 20 commands that we will forget the next day.

In addition to being a cool service, the nice people at Beanstalk have given us a coupon code to get 50% off your first month. Just use the coupon code DRUPAL when you signup!

We hope you enjoy this mini-series, and we'll have more on the way next week.


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