Release Day: More Git and 700 Videos!

This week we're excited to hit 700 great Drupal training videos! The videos that are hitting that goal for us are a continuation of our Introduction to Git series. In this installment we are walking through the important task of resolving conflicts in Git, as well as taking a deeper look at several common commands. Conflicts in your code are going to happen, and it's important to understand how to correct those so you can move on with your work. Joe will walk through how to manually resolve conflicts, as well as take a look at using a merge tool, which gives you a GUI to see and work with conflicts. After that, we dive into more features of the git add and git commit commands, along with how to use a .gitignore file, so that you can make your entire workflow more efficient. Lastly we take a quick look at how you go about removing and renaming the files in your repository.

Next week we'll be looking at how to back up and discard changes you've made, as well as start to look at what remote repositories are, and how to work with them. Check back next Wednesday for more Git fun!

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