The Drupalize.Me Team Has Grown

We are delighted to announce our two newest staff members: Emma Jane and Andrew. These two fine folks are no strangers to the Drupal community and we're really excited to have them on board. Emma Jane Westby (née Hogbin) has been an active member of the Drupal community for more than twelve years. She's a prolific Drupal speaker and teacher, an accomplished beekeeper, and the author of Front End Drupal and Drupal: A User's Guide. She's built in-depth training curriculum for some of the tech industry's largest companies, and helped solopreneurs get up to speed with Drupal. Emma joins us in a new role as Education Development Coordinator, where she will help shape the future of our training offerings, and provide on-site training expertise, in addition to creating more of the videos you need. Andrew Wilson has been working with Drupal since 2009, when he built and launched a site to help college applicants build better application essays. Since then he's helped other Drupal site-builders climb the learning curve and build the sites of their dreams. Most recently director of sales for Zivtech, Andrew joins us in a new role as Senior Account Manager. He's going to be a great resource for matching your needs with what we offer, as well as learning what we can do to provide better education services to our members. We hope you'll join us in welcoming Emma and Andrew to the team.

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