Using Drupal Book in Video Lessons

Many moons ago, back in 2008, several Lullabots wrote the first edition of Using Drupal, published by O'Reilly Media. In 2012, myself and Angie Byron, with the help of Bruno DeBondt, updated Using Drupal with a second edition for Drupal 7. This year we're happy to announce the video version of Using Drupal. As an original author on the book I'm stoked to be able to marry together my work on the book with my work on Drupal training videos.

The original idea behind creating the book, was to provide step-by-step instructions for working with Drupal core and contributed modules to build useful sites. The whole process of selecting modules, understanding the trade-offs, and then building your site, is fundamental to any path you will take when working with Drupal, whether you are a site-builder, themer, or developer. Taking these tutorials and turning them into video format broadens the experience, and makes the information even more accessible to people, by letting them actually see the site being built as we go. The series will cover fundamentals like "what are the major building blocks of Drupal?" and how to get Drupal installed, then take on nine different case studies to solve real-world Drupal sites. We will start off with Drupal core, hop quickly to working with Fields and Views, and then dive into fun stuff with commerce, multilingual, event calendars, product reviews, media management, and more — all using core or contributed Drupal modules, with no coding required.

The Using Drupal video lessons will be delivered as a series of series. Each chapter in the book will get its own individual series. All told we will have 13 series created, based on the book. We will start with the Preface, work through each of the nine chapters, and also include Appendices A, B, and D (Appendix C is just a list of modules and themes used in the book, so wouldn't make for a very exciting video).

Today we're starting out with the Preface section of the book, the free "About the Using Drupal Series", to give an overview of how the series will work, the prerequisites you'll need, and how you can line up the book with the video lessons. We also walk through the steps to work with the source code that we provide to go along with the chapters. We'll be releasing new lessons every Wednesday for the next few months as we work our way through the book. Grab a copy of Using Drupal, 2nd Edition and follow along with us as we go!

About the Using Drupal Series (Preface)

Follow along next week, when we head into Chapter 1: Drupal Overview to give a quick history of web development and content management systems, and go over the major building blocks of Drupal.


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