Release Day: Building with Fields and Views

This week we are moving on to the next chapter of the O'Reilly Using Drupal series with Using Drupal Chapter 3: Job Board, where we will build out a job board to get familiar with the two fundamental building blocks of Drupal sites: Fields and Views. Through this series we'll create two new content types with a variety of fields, and then explore using Views to create custom lists of that content, including creating dynamic, contextual listings. We'll also see how we can tie pieces of content together with "references" and how those ties can be used with Views relationships.

This first week in the series, we'll get an overview of our case study, discuss the core Field module, and jump into creating our first custom content type for job postings.

Next week we'll keep rolling along by working with references, and seeing how we can manipulate the display of our fields.


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