Release Day: Using the Views Module

In this week's installment of the Using Drupal Chapter 3: Job Board series, we get into the world of Views. The Views module is the most used contributed module in Drupal 7. It is so popular in fact, that it has been included in core for Drupal 8. Views lets us list content on our site. It can be used to accomplish so many tasks when it comes to building your site that you really do need a good foundation with this to understand many Drupal site-building concepts. For this week we only have two lessons, but they are both a bit longer than normal, and they cover a LOT of material. With these videos, we'll get an overview of Views, and the major pieces for constructing a view, and then we will actually build our first custom view, for Jobs, including using the awesome contextual filters.

Next week we'll continue building out our site by creating the Applications view, and the various displays we'll need to finish up our site requirements.


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