Release Day: Text Formats, WYSIWYG, and Media

After a brief break from our video schedule, we are back on track this week, picking up the trail on the Using Drupal Chapter 4, Media Management series. In these three lessons we'll take a look at how to get media into the body of our content, instead of as a separate field in our nodes. We'll look at what general solutions are out there for web development, by taking a look at tools like BUEditor, Markdown, and CKEditor and explaining what WYSIWYG is all about. We'll also spend some time to explain the very important, but often overlooked, text format feature of Drupal. This is an important concept to understand to make your content editing experience better, and make sure you keep your site secure. Lastly, we get a nice, shiny WYSIWYG installed on our site, and integrate our Media Browser with it.

Next week, we'll be finishing up this Using Drupal series on Media 2, so we can move on to the Media Management series that looks at the current stable Media 1.


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