Release Day: Wrapping up Media with YouTube Videos

This week we are wrapping up our Working with Media Module in Drupal 7 series. We complete the site by getting our music views into place and adding YouTube video embeds. In the process of finishing up with our YouTube video content type, we also have to dive into the Media File Type settings. There are several layers to getting Media module displays to look and behave the way we want. The most confusing aspect of working with Media is knowing how the file type field display and the file display works together, so we walk through the steps for finding which settings we need to change and then playing with the display flexibility Media provides us. We finish things up by taking a tour of the finished site to review how we've built it out, along with a look at some other cool modules we could add. 

Next week we are kicking off a whole new series walking you through using the Services module. You'll see how easy it is to add services to your website that can be used by external sites or apps. 

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