Drupal 8 Survey Insights

Last month we asked the Drupal community a few questionsWe received 243 responses to our survey, and we'd like to share some of the information. While we're not making scientific generalizations from this data, it is an interesting picture of our community nonetheless. A big thank you to everyone who participated in the survey.

Here are 4 things we learned: 

1. You mostly use Drupal at work, by a very large margin. There were only 8% of respondents who use Drupal only for personal projects.

In what context do you typically use Drupal?

2. You mostly use Drupal 7, but there are many people still using Drupal 6. And while it is not surprising that over half of respondents are very interested in the Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 upgrade path, almost one quarter (23%) of respondents are focused on the Drupal 6 upgrade path (not pictured). This is going to be significantly different in Drupal 8 compared to other versions of Drupal, with Migrate module having been added to replace the old upgrade system.

What version of Drupal are you currently using?Y

3. You already started learning Drupal 8, or you plan to start learning Drupal 8 before it’s released. There is a significant interest in getting a jump on Drupal 8 before it even gets out the door. Hopefully we can dive more into the motivations for this in the future.

When do you plan to start learning Drupal 8?

4. You are most focused on learning about the Configuration Management System, followed closely by theming, and new developer APIs.

These Drupal 8 survey insights are based on 243 total survey submissions between May and June 2014. 

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