Release Day: Completing the Product Reviews Website

In these five lessons wrapping up Chapter 5: Product Reviews, Addison Berry covers how to make your product reviews findable with Drupal's Search module as well as exposed filters in Views. She also reviews several modules that you might want to use to take your product reviews site to the next level and concludes the series with an overview of what tools and techniques were used to build a product reviews site for the Super Duper Chefs case study.

Site building video tutorials in this week's release:

Next week, we'll kick off another series based on Using Drupal, Chapter 6. These "Using Drupal" video collections walk you through case studies in which you choose and configure modules to build a Drupal 7 site. If you'd like to catch up with other video series based on the book, Using Drupal, 2nd edition, check out this handy guide: Using Drupal Book by O'Reilly Media.


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