Release Day: Editorial Workspaces with Workbench

Creating a good editorial system can mean many different things. The Workbench module provides the main pieces that make up the heart of this system for the Our Media demo site we're building. Workbench gives us a centralized workspace for the editorial team, a way to control editorial access to content in the various sections of the site, and a very flexible tool to create custom publication workflows. In this week's lessons we're going to get an introduction to the Workbench suite of modules, and set up our editorial workspace. We'll also get an overview of the Workbench Access module, and how this will work with our section vocabulary to give our section editors only the content that they need to work with. In addition we have a few preparatory tasks to do as well. We're going to need to have a lot more content on the site to test things out and make sure our configurations are set up properly. Instead of entering all that content in by hand, we can use the Devel Generate module to automatically create a lot of dummy content for us. We'll also be setting up a few roles and users that we're going to need to complete our section access feature.

This week we have:

Next week, we'll wrap up the Our Media project by completing our section editor access control set up, and then we'll round out the features by adding our custom publication workflow with the Workbench Moderation module.


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