New PHP Tutorials from Symfony Experts KNP Labs

We're excited to announce a new partnership with KNP Labs to provide our members with expert PHP and Symfony2 lessons. KNP Labs is one of the top Symfony2 development and training companies in the world, and they have a video training site called KnpUniversity, much like Drupalize.Me is to Lullabot. We figured we should get our members the best experts out there, and the team at KnpUniversity is amazing. Ryan Weaver is the head of KNP Labs US, and a Symfony core member, in charge of the framework documentation. Leanna Pelham is KNP Labs' technical project manager and organizes Symfony2 and Behat training sessions. Together they bring you the best online PHP and Symfony2 training you're going to find, and now you can find that on Drupalize.Me.

The first series we're starting off with is one of the most requested topics in our suggestion box: PHP for Beginners Episode 1. This series will teach you to become a PHP wizard through building a real project site. It starts off with PHP basics, turning an HTML page into a PHP page, explaining variables, and pointing out the importance of syntax. Then it moves on to the wonderful world of functions, looking at what those are and how you use the many functions that PHP has. With those fundamentals covered, this week we'll also dive into arrays and loops. Arrays let you create groups of things, and loops let you quickly and efficiently work your way through groups. There are several different forms of arrays, and ways to use them, so we'll also get into detail with associative arrays, and multi-dimensional arrays.

Here are this week's lessons:

Next week we'll wrap up this first introductory series by covering some more fundamental pieces of the PHP puzzle with booleans, and if statements, along with how to work with files and JSON. You'll also learn how to write your own functions from scratch. It also covers how to set up your computer for programming, with a primer on how the websites you build are working. The PHP for Beginners lessons will continue soon, with episodes 2 and 3, and we have lessons on PHP namespaces and dependency injection coming, with introductions to Symfony2, Composer, and Twig lined up as well.

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This is something I'm really excited about. Drupal is often marketed as a module-based CMS that can be put together with an interface. When I got into Drupal I was overwhelmed by PHP -- a foreign language to me. This will be very helpful in my career.

Great first lessons! Can't wait for the next ones.

Awesome! Looking forward to Symfony2 tutorials!

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