Release Day: Extend and Export Modules to Level Up Your Panels Site-Building

Today, we've got another batch of video tutorials to wrap up our series on Building Websites in Drupal with Panels. This week's lessons focus on other modules related to Panels such as Mini Panels, Panel Nodes, and Panelizer modules.

You'll learn how to drop panels into other regions of your theme, besides the main content region using Mini Panels.

By enabling Panel Nodes module, you can create one-off nodes that have some basic Panels functionality.

With Panelizer, you'll learn how to create a default Panelizer template for all content using the Article content type as well as explore how to override that template and create one-off pages with unique layouts and content.

Wondering how to create your own Panels layout? You'll learn how to take an existing Panels layout and make it your own, providing custom markup, CSS, and preview thumbnail.

Finally, we'll cover how to export Panels using Features or the Admin UI. I've also covered in an extended lesson, the daunting task of exporting Panelizer configuration to code using Features and Strongarm modules.

Next week, we'll shift gears a little bit to the CTools universe as I walk you through the code and file structure of a working CTools Style Plugin.


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Why this course doesn't show on page?

Ha, that's a little confusing! This is the continuation of an existing series, which began publication last year. The series for this is listed on page 3 of the library: Sorry about the confusion. (Also, we are in the midst of updating our Library page so that it is much easier to find the things you are looking for!)

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