Drupal 8 Core, Now with More Fields

One of the the things I like most about Drupal 8 as a site builder is how quickly you can get up and running on creating a new site. Although the installer takes a tad (insert jokes here) longer than Drupal 7, you get so much more out of the box. No need to install Drupal and head to Drush to download/enable a handful of modules just to get your site ready. For example, just to get something like an email field was yet another download. Of course, there is Views in core, but another great thing is a much larger plethora of field types. Now in Drupal 8 there are a handful of useful fields in core:

  • Email*
  • Telephone
  • Date
  • Link

* Email is part of field module

Fields in Drupal 8 Core Field Options

Although not all these fields are enabled on install, they are available to use without the need to download additional modules. Each one of these fields has some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using them. For example, even though it's nice to have a telephone field available, this field doesn't have any kind of options to limit characters, require area codes, or even country dependent options. I've created a video tour of these new fields, so let's take a look:

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