Podcast Episode 54: D8 Accelerate

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What is D8 Accelerate? In episode 54 of the Drupalize.Me Podcast, Amber Himes Matz chats with Angie Byron and Holly Ross about this new pilot program from the Drupal Association to put $125,000 of community funds toward resolving critical issues and accelerating the release of Drupal 8.

Listen now to D8 Accelerate podcast episode.

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Hey there! Just a note that the process for community grants was changed a month or so after this podcast's recording. The DA has since lifted restrictions around individuals asking for funding to solve critical issue X, Y, Z, although these types of sponsorships are initially limited to $500 (5 hours), to reduce risk.

See also this post http://webchick.net/d8accelerate-deep-dive which goes into much deeper details about what we fund through D8 Accelerate and why.

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