January Content Update

Content Update

Happy 2015, members! We’re welcoming this new year with new Drupal tutorials. Here’s what you can expect over the next few weeks:

PHP for Beginners Part 3

On New Year’s Eve, 5 new videos were posted to the series PHP for Beginners Part 3. These videos included, Connecting to MySQL in PHP, Database PDO Class and Object, Database Configuration Files in PHP, and Limit Database Results.

We also posted An Introduction to YAML, which provides a quick overview of this human-readable data serialization format that’s been widely adopted in Drupal 8.

Next week, we’re going to post the final PHP for Beginners Part 3 tutorials. These will include Optional PHP Function Arguments, PHP Query Parameters, PHP Function Scope, and Preventing SQL Injection Attacks with Prepared Statements.

Testing Drupal 7 with SimpleTest

We're also starting a new series in January. It’s titled Testing Drupal 7 with SimpleTest, and you’re going to love it! After watching the tutorials, you’ll better understand the concept of automated testing and why it’s an important part of any developer’s toolkit. The first tutorials we publish will include, Introduction to Automated Testing with SimpleTest, What is Automated Testing?, Understanding SimpleTest’s Terminology and Methodology, and Installing SimpleTest and Running Tests.

We hope you're excited for our new tutorials, because we can’t wait to share them!

And remember, if you have topic suggestions, you can tell us about them here. Because of you, Drupalize.Me is #1 in Drupal training. Thank you, and happy learning!

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