Funding Core Development with D8 Accelerate

Drupal 8

Last December, I had the privilege of hosting a podcast with guests Holly Ross and Angie Byron on the new funding initiative, Drupal 8 Accelerate. One of the things mentioned in the podcast was the desire to provide a way for businesses to contribute to the fund. Since that time, we at Drupalize.Me having been waiting for the opportunity to donate. Well, that opportunity has arrived! As you might have already seen, in this announcement on, Drupalize.Me and Lullabot together have made a donation of $5,000 to the Drupal 8 Accelerate Fund, becoming an anchor donor of this critical funding initiative. We heartily believe in funding core development and are so excited to be a part of providing a much needed final push to a Drupal 8 stable release.

To learn more about how you can accelerate the release of Drupal 8, check out these resources:

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