Release Day: Access Control, Type Hinting, and Constructors in PHP

Weekly Release
This week, we're wrapping up our series, Introduction to Object-oriented PHP, in partnership with KnpUniversity, with tutorials on access control for properties, type hinting, and constructors in PHP.

Here are the tutorials in this week's release:

These tutorials are meant to give you a foundation in object-oriented PHP in preparation for the major shift to an object-oriented architecture in Drupal 8. You can learn more about the object-oriented PHP changes in Drupal 8 in our presentation video: What's New in Drupal 8: Object-oriented PHP.

Next week, we're shifting gears back to Drupal 7 to look at working with Domain Access. Earlier this year, we tackled how to manage multiple Drupal sites using the core multisite system. This series will look at another way to approach multiple sites, but this time using Domain Access to provide the appearance of multiple sites using only one Drupal installation.

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