Release Day: Finishing Domain Access and a Bonus Tail Command

Weekly Release
This week we're wrapping up our Introduction to Domain Access for Drupal 7 series and adding a handy tutorial to our existing free Command Line Basics series. For Domain Access we'll be getting into domain-specific site settings and changing the themes. We spend a good amount of time looking at one of the biggest tools in Domain Access, which is its fine-grained permissions. We'll set things up so we have domain-specific authors and editors, as well as a head editor who can oversee everything. We finish this series off by showing you some of the other Domain Access tools you can use to customize your site further and meet the needs of your particular use cases.

Our other tutorial this week is the debut lesson from Will Hetherington, all about using the tail command for helpful debugging. Will explains a few concepts up front and then dives straight into showing you how to use this super-handy command.

This Week's Tutorials

Next week we're kicking off a whole new series on Solr and the Search API, so get ready to take your site search to the next level.


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