Release Day: Introduction to Object-oriented PHP

Weekly Release
In anticipation of the release of Drupal 8, one of the things we think is important is to provide foundational training material in areas related to the changes in Drupal 8. One major change is the shift to an object-oriented PHP (OO PHP) architecture, which you can learn more about here, in my presentation, What's New in Drupal 8: Object-oriented PHP. To provide a hands-on coding introduction to OO PHP, we worked with our partners at KnpUniversity to create a new series. Today we are delighted to release the first four video tutorials in the new KnpUniversity series, Introduction to Object-Oriented PHP.

In this series, you will build an interactive web app in PHP. You'll be instructed to download the beginning app files, which are available as a download (look under Resources on any video tutorial page in this series). Step-by-step, KnpUniversity trainer Leanna Pelham will guide you through refactoring the app to use OO PHP. In this first installment, you'll create your first PHP class, method, and method arguments. All you need is PHP installed on your machine. In these exercises you'll be using PHP's built-in web server, which you'll get set up in the first lesson, so they'll be no need to worry about configuring Apache or other web server to complete the lessons.

Here's a line-up of this week's release. The first two lessons are free. (You can preview a list of all the upcoming videos in the video player of any tutorial in this series.)

Next week, we'll continue this series with tutorials that focus on working with objects in PHP.

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