Rich Snippets in Google Search, Part 1

Rich snippets can draw attention to your Google search results and increase your click-through rate (CTR). So what are rich snippets, and how do they alter Google search results? Snippets are the individual results—the title, URL, and description—that appear when you search Google (see example below). Rich snippets are those snippets that include additional information.

Snippet Example

Below is an overview of the rich snippets appearing in Google search as of June 1.


Breadcrumbs help users understand and navigate your site's hierarchy. Here's some additional information: breadcrumb meta data.

Breadcrumbs Rich Snippet


These rich snippets add details of upcoming events below your search result, which can increase the size of your snippet! Here's some additional information: Enabling Rich Snippets for Events.

Multiple Events Rich Snippet


You can add detailed product information to your rich snippets, like price and availability. Here some additional information: Enabling Rich Snippets for Products.

Product Rich Snippet


You can really make recipes shine with rich snippets by including things like the cook time or calorie count. Here's some additional information: Enabling Rich Snippets for Recipes.

Recipe Rich Snippet


The review rich snippet appears as an individual review or aggregate review. The default ratings scale is five points, but this can be customized (see example below). Here's some additional information: Enabling Rich Snippets for Reviews and Ratings

Individual Reviews
Individual Review Rich Snippet

Aggregate Reviews (with 5-point scale and without)
Aggregate Reviews Rich Snippet

That's it for now! In part 2 of this post we're going to explore meta data implementation in Drupal and the current state of support.

Did we miss any rich snippets? Let us know in the comments below...

Note: Organization, software application, and video rich snippets were not included because Google is limiting these to certain brands/sites. And it's unlikely that adding the relevant meta data will generate rich snippets for your search results.

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