Release Day: Object-Oriented PHP Part 2

Release Day

We've recently switched from weekly releases to working towards releasing an entire series all on the same day. The Object-Oriented PHP Part 2 series is the first one we're doing with this. You get access to the complete series today! This second part of three on object-oriented PHP, provided by KnpUniversity, continues on from our Introduction to Object-Oriented PHP series.

In these tutorials, you'll leverage what you learned in the introduction series to really start using what you know. We'll continue the same space ship project from the introduction, and clean up old functions with new classes, learn a practice called dependency injection and organize our objects into something called a container. This is the series that really makes objects useful and instills object-oriented best practices.

Tutorials in this series:

Our next series, also coming out in August, will be an entirely free series on the Pantheon website management and hosting service. We'll explain what Pantheon is, why you would want to use it, and then walk you through the really cool features that they offer so you can dive right in.

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