Release Day: Working with People on Large Projects

Weekly Release
In this next installment in our Introduction to Project Management series we're going to look at the people on a team. We'll cover how to figure out who should be on a given team, some ideas about how to break work up on large project teams, and then talk about how to keep in touch with the human side, keeping your team happy and productive.

This week's topics are:

  • Resourcing and Scheduling: How many people are needed for a project and what questions to ask when determining capacity.
  • Putting Together Large Project Teams: Strategies for how to put together teams, especially for large projects, including different ways to break teams up based on Drupalisms.
  • Being Human on Projects (FREE): How to know what is going on with your team, detect burnout, and help team members get back on track.

Coming up next week, we'll continue diving into project management by turning our attention from the team to the client. We'll look at client communication, managing expectations, and how to kick the project off on the right foot.

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