Drupal 8 Prep: Inheritance, Abstraction, and Interfaces in PHP

Inheritance in Object-Oriented PHP

Drupal 8 will be sporting some sweet new object-oriented PHP and to help you make sense of it all, we've partnered with our friends at KnpUniversity—experts in PHP and Symfony training. First, we introduced you to object-oriented PHP in part 1, where you started to build the spaceship application and learned all about classes, objects, class constructors, and type hinting. In Object-Oriented PHP Part 2, we continued to build the spaceship app in PHP, and you learned all about service classes, fetching objects from the database, containers, and other best practices in object-oriented PHP programming.

Now, in this series, Object-Oriented PHP Part 3, we'll teach you all about inheritance in PHP, including how that works in classes, abstractions, and interfaces. These concepts are keys to understanding the code you will see in Drupal 8 modules.

Today we're releasing the entire series—10 video tutorials focusing on inheritance in PHP. If you're not a member and would like to preview the series, check out the first two in the series, which are free to all. Here are the titles:

With Drupal 8 in release candidate mode, we hope a stable release is coming soon! Update your procedural PHP skills to object-oriented PHP with these hands-on, project-based tutorials from KnpUnversity. Happy coding!

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