DrupalCon Baltimore Tuesday, April 25th

This week, we're at DrupalCon! If you're at DrupalCon too, come find me, Joe, Amber, or Blake and say "hi" and maybe even pick up a fun sticker. (Here are some pictures so you know who we are.) Throughout the week, we'll be posting daily with some brief highlights of events and sessions going on. While we like sharing what's going on for folks who follow us, we have another reason for the daily briefs. We have a new Alexa Flash Briefing Skill and we are using our DrupalCon blog posts to demonstrate the Drupalize.Me Flash Briefing on an Echo Dot at the Lullabot booth during the conference. If you have an Alexa-enabled device (like an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot), then you can add the Drupalize.Me skill to your device as well and get news from our blog as part of your Alexa Flash Briefings. (Learn how to customize your Alexa Flash Briefing sources.) For more fun with Alexa skills and Drupal, don't miss Amber and Blake's session Drupal, Alexa, and Big Mouth Billy Bass Walk into a Bar at 10:45am on Thursday, April 27th, or check out the session recording afterwards.

So without further ado, here is the flash briefing for today:

DrupalCon Baltimore officially started yesterday, on April 24th with summits and workshops, and the arrival of thousands of Drupalers from around the world. The Drupalize.Me team delivered a hands-on workshop for Drupal 8 theming to a sold out room, and kicked off the conference socializing at the official opening reception.

Today, Tuesday, April 25th is the first day of sessions, and it kicks off with the first keynote, by Dries Buytaert, also known as the Driesnote. The Driesnote is also always preceded by the Pre-note, for the early risers. After a full day of sessions and birds of a feathers, the Women in Drupal meetup will be happening at Luckie's Tavern from 6 to 8 p.m. tonight.

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