Hands-On Movie Project Exercises Are Complete

We've added the last 13 tutorials for our free Hands-on Exercises: Movie Project, which covers building an entire Drupal 7 site, including site building, theming, and module development. The project is covered in 36 exercises, with the first 16 exercises focused on site building and theming. The remainder of the series has exercises that require module development, along with some performance testing.

This is a special series in that these are exercises to test your skills instead of tutorials that teach you, and they are based on the openly available Drupal projects from Damian Robinson. You should already know how to build a Drupal site before wading into these practical exercises. You are provided with the wireframes for the site you are building, and each exercise details requirements for some aspect of building and theming the site. We also provide resources that you can use to refresh your memory about how to accomplish a particular task.

The new exercises we released are:

If you work through this project, let us know how it went for you!


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