A Variety of Learning Choices with DrupalEasy

Last week DrupalEasy announced our new partnership with them and we couldn't be happier. We have known Gwendolyn and Mike Anello for many years through the Drupal community. We were also involved with their very early Drupal career program, DrupalEasy Career Starter Program, back in 2012, by providing memberships to graduates during their internships and taking on an intern ourselves from the Work Experience Drupal (WE Drupal) program. DrupalEasy has long lived the spirit of open source and giving back, along with a great friendly work ethic, and we're excited to build a more formal partnership with them going forward.

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We recognize that while we provide a great breadth of self-paced learning materials at Drupalize.Me, sometimes a more directed and personal program is more effective. This is where DrupalEasy comes in to broaden your learning choices. DrupalEasy's Drupal Career Online (DCO) program is a 12-week instructor-led course where individuals and teams can rely on expert live instruction, office hours and mentorship, expansive learning resources, and a curriculum that thoughtfully stacks skills and emphasizes best practices to ensure graduates have the best possible foundation to become practicing Drupal developers. Students enrolled in DCO will have free access to Drupalize.Me for the entire duration of the course. They will also receive a full student discount to Drupalize.Me for the year following their course completion. Likewise, any Drupalize.Me members who would like the extra support and mentorship of the DCO will receive a discounted price. The next session of Drupal Career Online begins October 2nd, with an application deadline of September 26th. To learn more and preview the DrupalEasy learning platform, sign up for a Taste of Drupal free information session in September or contact DrupalEasy.

If you are looking for personal or team mentoring outside of a program like DCO, DrupalEasy also provides top-notch project coaching. This is a great option if you find that learning the ins and outs of Drupal on your own through tutorials isn't quite connecting all of the dots and you'd like someone to hop on the phone to work through your project.

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