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This month, a change goes into effect that my team and I have been working on since last summer when we all met at our annual retreat: Lullabot Education is changing our name to Osio Labs. Lullabot Education/Osio Labs is the company that created and owns Drupalize.Me. Note that the Drupalize.Me name and site are not changing at all.

The meaning of our new name -- Osio -- is the primary reason why we decided to do it: because we’re Open Source Inside and Out. (The “Labs” part we just think is really apt for a company dedicated to curiosity and experimentation.)

In some sense, nothing is changing except the business name on our customers' receipts and our terms of service. Our team, our values, our deep connections to our sister company Lullabot, and our continued commitment to maintain and develop Drupalize.Me remain the same. Our mission is still to empower anyone to build websites using open source tools, to teach the technology, and support the open source projects and communities that make it all possible.

A Wider Commitment Beyond Drupal

What our new name does reflect is a wider commitment beyond Drupal. Drupal’s a key tool, but we recognize that it’s not the only tool developers need to learn. We have a lot of experience contributing to open source projects in meaningful ways, and we want to leverage that experience to help other communities grow and do awesome things. Not only do we want to help foster and grow communities through contribution, but we want to continue to work on an enhanced feedback loop. That means input from learners will drive what we create next in terms of training materials, new websites, and learning tools.

We hope you’ll follow us as we continue to pursue our vision to evolve as a company, lean into what it means to do well by doing good, and create more opportunities for people to learn. We feel like our new name reflects where we’re going -- and we think it’s a very exciting path to be on.

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