DrupalCon North America 2021 is Coming Soon

DrupalCon North America is happening in just over 3 weeks, as part of the larger DrupalFest, which is a series of online events happening throughout the month of April. Last year's DrupalCon Global was a great event and showed what a successful online conference can look like. (You can read our recaps of DrupalCon Global.) We fully expect this year to be great as well, and possibly even better. The whole Drupalize.Me team will be in attendance.

In addition to soaking up the community vibes, I'll also be on a panel, "Leadership at the intersection of business and open source", along with 3 other open source business leaders: Lisa Tagliaferri, Stefanie Langner, and Tracy Evans. While we all have different backgrounds in both business and open source, we're gathering to discuss how we can take the best of both worlds and run great organizations that make the world better. We're looking forward to an interactive discussion where we can answer questions from the audience and learn from each other along the way. The panel will be held on Wednesday, April 14th, 15:35 to 16:25 UTC (find your local time) in Room 3.

You'll also find our team involved in the contribution events. There will be ongoing contribution sprints throughout the conference and this year there will also be specific days set aside for different initiatives. You don't need to be a DrupalCon attendee to take part in the contribution events, and you can go to the DrupalCon Contribution page each day of the conference to get access to the community rooms.

We're excited for DrupalCon and that we'll all be able to attend. We hope to see you there!

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