Using Drupal Appendix B: Choosing the Right Modules

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In this short series of tutorials, you'll learn how to find and evaluate Drupal contributed modules.

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In this short series you will learn how to find and evaluate Drupal modules for your project. This first tutorial will show you where to find modules on, and various ways you can use's search tools.

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An open source project’s strength comes from the power of its base of contributors, and a Drupal project is no different. Although every line of code added or changed in Drupal core goes through rigorous peer review, contributed modules are more of a Wild West where anyone who jumps through a few basic hoops can add modules for everyone to download. Whether or not a module is well maintained, its overall code quality, and how well used it is in the overall community are all important factors for you to consider when selecting modules. This tutorial will talk about determining these factors by closely inspecting the tools provides, starting with the central feature of all Drupal modules: the project page.

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By far, the best way to keep up-to-date on which modules are the most useful, and to ensure that those modules do what you need, is to actually get directly involved and help. The Drupal community offers a myriad of ways for everyone, from the person who just installed Drupal for the first time yesterday to the person who has been coding since she was in diapers, to give something back. In this tutorial we'll look at all of these options and explain how you can dive in.

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