Acquia Certification Exam Preparation for Drupal 9

Acquia Certification Exam Preparation

What will you learn

  • Where to find our Acquia Certification Exam study guides
  • Common questions about the exam


The Acquia Certification Program provides certification exams for 4 different areas of Drupal site creation.

Exam preparation guides

We have a separate exam prep guide for each of the 4 certificate exams from Acquia. If you only need 1 certificate for employment, you can take just that 1 exam directly. There is no need to go through the exams in any particular order. If you pass the 3 more advanced exams (Developer, Front End, and Back End) then you will get the special "Grand Master" certification. Generally, Acquia states that the Site Builder certificate is "entry level", the Developer certificate is "comprehensive", and then the 2 specialist certificates for front end and back end are the most advanced.

Site Building, Site Administration
Drupal 9, 10
Site Building, Theming, Module Development
Drupal 9, 10
Site Building, Theming, Site Administration
Drupal 9
Module Development, Backend and Infrastructure
Drupal 9

Common questions about the program

Because we offer study guides for the Acquia exams, we are often asked for more information about them. We are not directly affiliated with Acquia or their certification program, so the best place to ask questions specifically about the exams would be Acquia.

Do I need to get Acquia certified?

Most people that pursue Acquia certification do so because they are required to by an employer (or an employer's client), or in order to highlight the certification in job applications. Some employers look for Acquia certification, while many others do not. There are also many people who take the exams in order to test themselves and identify gaps where they would like to improve their knowledge or experience. Whether you need to get certification is, as in many other fields, a personal choice, dependent on the needs of your current or potential future employer.

Will your guides guarantee I can pass the exam(s)?

Our guides are only a study tool. We do not guarantee that you will pass an exam. Additionally, only using study guides is probably not enough to pass. From our knowledge of the exams, you really need to have experience in addition to study time in order to pass the exams. The exams go beyond rote learning: they are designed to test whether you have experience working on real Drupal sites, and dealing with the various scenarios and problems you may encounter. We recommend that you make sure you have learned the material for all of the topics on the exams, and then also build several real projects that require putting that knowledge to work, so you have a broader idea of the realistic implementation of the concepts.

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No. You can purchase a membership and/or cancel any time. Drupalize.Me is a pay-as-you-go service.

Can I preview tutorials before joining?
Yes! Just navigate to our tutorial library. Our free tutorials are labeled with a green "FREE" tag.

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