Use Drush to Efficiently Manage Your Drupal Site

Drush is an essential CLI site administration tool.

This guide contains tutorials on Drush, a command-line utility for managing Drupal sites. You will learn what Drush is and how it can help you manage Drupal projects more efficiently. If you can open up a Terminal window and navigate to your Drupal project, you can use Drush.

Why learn Drush? Drush provides a large number of commands, for tasks such as installing modules, and themes; updating modules; performing database operations, including copying, querying, and backups; resetting passwords; and clearing the cache. Many contributed modules and themes also define Drush commands for their internal functionality.

Drush can make if faster and less tedious to perform administrative tasks than using the administration interface.

Since Drush is a command-line tool, you can write scripts that combine Drush commands and other commands on the server, to automate more complicated tasks. For example, scripting a deployment process.

If you need a refresher on how to use the command line, check our our Command Line Basics Series to get up to speed. It's well worth the effort to learn Drush, even if you only use it to download, enable, or install Drupal modules or themes. It's an essential tool for effectively managing Drupal sites because it can save you much time and effort as you develop and manage your Drupal site. In fact, some administrative actions are only available in Drush. So get started with Drush today and become a master of Drupal site administration.