Stellar Development with Symfony 4

Symfony 4 is out, and it's the best Symfony ever. Faster! Re-imagined developer experience! And easier to create the features you need!

In this series from SymfonyCasts (formerly KnpUniversity), you'll create your first Symfony 4 app, learning important concepts in Symfony 4 development along the way.

So let's start coding already! This series of tutorials covers:

  • Set up your new (tiny) Symfony app
  • PhpStorm setup for a killer experience
  • Flex and understanding recipes
  • Creating routes and controllers
  • The bin/console tool
  • Twig and templating
  • Crazy-good debugging with the web debug toolbar
  • JavaScript and asset setup
  • Our first API Endpoint!
  • An intro to services!


You'll want to be comfortable using the command line as this hands-on series will walk you through a number of commands to install, run, and develop a Symfony 4 application. If you need to brush up or revisit some topics, check out the following resources:

Drupal and Symfony 4

Curious to know how Symfony 4 and Drupal work together? Check out the blog post Symfony 4 and Drupal by Ryan Weaver of SymfonyCasts.