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Symfony 3 Fundamentals: Bundles, Configuration and Environments

You've created your first Symfony app and you're ready to learn more of the fundamentals of Symfony development. If you're new to Symfony 3, head over to Joyful Development with Symfony 3 to get caught up.

In this series, you'll learn the fundamental concepts of bundles, configuration and environments! We'll discover what all the files in a Symfony project do and why, the purpose of bundles and the power behind environments. So let's get to work: what we're about to learn will pay dividends for us in the future:

  • Where do services come from?
  • Installing an external bundle
  • Configuring bundles
  • Controller outside services
  • Using config:dump-reference
  • Understanding Symfony environments
  • Create your own environment
  • The prod environment and cache:clear
  • The famous parameters.yml
  • Where do routes come from?
  • src/ versus app