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Symfony 3: Level up with Services and the Container

Now it's time to level up with services. These special PHP objects are the backbone of what makes Symfony unique and fast. It's also the reason that organizing your code into reusable chunks is so easy. But beyond that, once you understand how services and the service container work, you'll be absolutely unstoppable inside of Symfony. This series, from our friends at KnpUniversity covers:

  • What is a service?
  • List, fetch, and use existing services
  • Create your own custom services
  • Register your service
  • Check out the (mystical) dumped container
  • Configuration Parameters
  • Dependency Injection Tags

If you haven't already, check out Joyful Development with Symfony and Symfony 3 Fundamentals: Bundles, Configuration and Environments to get caught up with Symfony 3 fundamentals.