A content type is a subtype of the content entity. When a content creator goes to add new content to the site, they are presented with a list of content types to choose from to get the appropriate form to fill out. Each content type defines the fields it contains, along with default content settings like submission form and publishing options. They each serve a particular content purpose on the site. For example, a site might have a different content type for blog posts, podcasts, and recipes, each with their own set of fields that pertain to that kind of content.

Example tasks

  • Create a new content type
  • Modify an existing content type, e.g., change the name of the Article content type to Blog post
  • Create a new piece of content, like a blog post


Content types are a very stable feature of Drupal core and do not change much, even between major Drupal versions.

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  • Node revisions (Drupal Wiki) (drupal.org)
    • One of the options when configuring a content type is whether to turn on revisions. Learn more about Node revisions on this community documentation page.