Drupal Console provides a command line utility for performing common site administration tasks, code generation scaffolding, and a Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop for interacting with your Drupal site. In addition to using the code generation tools for scaffolding new functionality they can also be used as an educational tool to learn about the various parts of different Drupal subsystems.

Example tasks

  • Use Drupal Console to perform common site administration tasks, like rebuilding the cache, importing configuration, or executing Cron
  • Use Drupal Console's code generation tools to create a new custom module
  • Use the shell command to interact with your Drupal site in a Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop


Drupal Console has relatively recently moved to a new installation method that depends on Composer, and it is kept up to date with the latest versions of core.

Drupalize.Me resources

  • Drupal Console

    • This tutorial provides an overview of what Drupal Console can do to help improve your development productivity. It also includes two videos. Th first may help with the installation process and the second provides illustrative examples of how you might use Drupal Console in your daily development tasks.
  • Drupal Console podcast

    • While a couple of years old, in this podcast with the core Drupal Console team you will learn about their vision for the project, their evaluation of its core value proposition, and why you should give it a try.
  • Discover existing plugin types, events, and services

    • These tutorials all demonstrate using Drupal Console to perform introspection on a Drupal 8 site.
  • Generate custom content, and configuration entities

    • These tutorials demonstrate using Drupal Console's generate commands to scaffold creation of custom code to speed up module development.

More Guides

We have guides on many Drupal skills and topics.

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External resources

  • Drupal Console GitHub repository (
    • This is the canonical source for the Drupal Console codebase. It contains links to many of the other resources mentioned here.
  • Drupal Console documentation (
    • This is the official source for Drupal Console documentation (available in several languages). This documentation includes installation instructions as well as thorough documentation for each of the commands available in Drupal Console.