In order to run a Drupal site, the web server you are using must meet minimum technical requirements. These include having enough disk space for the files, running web server software with the correct settings, a compatible database, and the correct version of PHP. You should also note that some contributed modules may have additional system requirements which will be made clear in the installation documentation for that project.

Example tasks

  • Verify that you are using a compatible version of PHP
  • Provide server specifications to a system administrator prior to installation
  • Configure a web server to work properly with Drupal


Drupal core requirements typically remain stable throughout a major version's life cycle. The official documentation will always have the most up-to-date and correct information for the current versions of core.

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We are still filling out our Drupal 8 library and this page will be updated with new tutorials as they are created.

  • Before You Begin Installing Drupal

    • The first 5 minutes of this video gives an overview of the kinds of requirements you should be aware of, and how to find the specific information you need for Drupal 7. Drupal 8 has a similar page on as well (see below in External Resources).

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