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Configure Your Node.js Application for Drupal 7

This page is archived

We're keeping this page up as a courtesy to folks who may need to refer to old instructions. We don't plan to update this page.

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Note: This video is out of date and will be archived. Check this page for instructions: Node.js integration documentation.

To be able to use the Node.js Integration module, you need to configure both a Node.js application, as well as the Drupal Node.js Integration module itself.

In this lesson, you will learn how to:

  • Enable the Node.js Config module
  • Understand of all of the configuration options
  • Generate a config file for our Node.js application
  • Edit the generated configuration for a basic working setup
  • Start the Node.js application

Self-check question: Did you remember to change the protocols array in your nodejs.config.js?

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