Exercise: Create a New Theme for Drupal 8, 9, and 10

It's time to create the bare-bones structure for a new theme on your site. You should try to complete this exercise based on the information you've learned in this chapter. The video included will walk you through the implementation of this exercise if you need some help. In this exercise you will need to:

  • Create an info file that describes a custom theme to Drupal with the regions listed below (we're going to name ours "reboot").
  • Enable, and view, a bare-bones custom theme.


'Header' (header)
'Primary menu' (primary_menu)
'Secondary menu' (secondary_menu)
'Page top' (page_top)
'Page bottom' (page_bottom)
'Highlighted' (highlighted)
'Featured top' (featured_top)
'Breadcrumb' (breadcrumb)
'Content' (content)
'Sidebar first' (sidebar_first)
'Sidebar second' (sidebar_second)
'Footer first' (footer_first)
'Footer second' (footer_second)

Note: At the end of this exercise, you'll find a video walk-through of the solution.