Exercise: Use the t Filter in a Template for Drupal 8, 9, and 10

In this exercise, we'll practice using the t fiter in a Twig template. As a best practice, all hard-coded text in a template should be translatable. Simple text (containing no dynamic tokens) can be be passed through the t filter to achieve this objective. Along the way, we'll also use a basic conditional if statement with Twig. You should work on the exercise steps below first, and you can refer to the video if you need some help.

If you want to try and accomplish this on your own first you'll need to:

  • Add a <div class="label label-warning"> element to the article node template file that contains the string "This node is not published".
  • Use the t filter to make the hard-coded text translatable.
  • Use basic logic statements with Twig to check if the node is published or not.

Note: At the end of this exercise, you'll find a video walk-through of the solution.