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Exporting Panelizer Configuration using Features and Strongarm for Drupal 7

This page is archived

We're keeping this page up as a courtesy to folks who may need to refer to old instructions. We don't plan to update this page.

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Panelizer configuration involves several layers of configuration. It can be challenging to find all the corners of configuration to export, without needing to still perform some extra manual steps after deployment. With Strongarm module, we can export the related settings that make Panelizer work, avoiding the need for extra manual steps.

In this lesson, we will:

  • Enable Strongarm module
  • Create new feature
  • Export and Deploy Panelizer settings

By the end of this lesson, you should understand how to export all of Panelizer's settings plus the related settings that support its functionality.

Demo site log in:

  • Navigate to /user
  • Login with admin/admin

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