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Introduction to Project Management Series

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Welcome to a special series on Project Management from Drupalize.Me. This series differs from our usual format of screencasts and presentations. We interviewed Lullabot's technical project managers, the Chief Operating Officer, and the Account Director, and organized the footage into a series of lessons on topics that project managers (PMs) deal with on a regular basis, including contracts, communication, estimation, tools and methodologies.

Here's what we'll be covering in this Introduction to Project Management series:

  • Project Management Methodologies: Learn about terminology and methodologies used in the world of software project management and how combining methodologies from different traditions can work effectively on service projects.
  • Tools for Managing Projects: Learn about the kinds of tools that are used in software project management for tracking progress, reporting, and team and client communication.
  • Traits of a Project Manager: What makes a great project manager? What characteristics, skills, and approaches are great to have in someone in the role technical project manager?
  • Types of Services Contracts: Learn about the different types of services contracts; in particular, the three that Lullabot uses in their client engagements. As you will see, the type of contract can have different implications in a project manager's needed skills and approach.
  • Estimation on Drupal Projects: Learn about the challenges of estimation, and insights into the what estimates should communicate and how they should illuminate the various degrees of risk and uncertainty in a project.
  • Resourcing and Scheduling: Learn about the challenge of determining how many people are needed for a project, and what questions to ask when determining capacity.
  • Putting Together Teams: Learn strategies for how to put together teams, especially for large projects.
  • Being Human on Projects: Learn about the people skills that are important to have, ways to detect burnout, and how to help team members get back on track.
  • Client Communication: Learn about the many facets of client communication.
  • Managing Expectations: Learn strategies for aligning and managing client expectations from the perspective of sales and account management.
  • Project Kick-Off Essentials: Learn about the essential elements of a successful project kick-off meeting.
  • Problems, Risks, and Red Flags: Learn strategies for identifying and dealing with problems, risks, and red flags on a project.
  • Quality Assurance (QA): Learn about the various kinds of QA that you can implement in your project.
  • Demos and Retrospectives: Learn about demos and retrospectives, some things to consider in a prototyping process, and what you can learn from these activities.
  • Launch and Celebration: Learn some tips for ensuring a successful launch and the importance of celebrating the accomplishments of the team.

Whether you are a developer-turned-project-manager or a seasoned veteran, we think you will find insight into the art and science of project management in this series.