Calendar Series Overview

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    [, Learn Drupal]
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    [♪ music ♪]
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    [Calendar Series Overview, Calendars with Drupal 7, Chapter 1 with Kyle Hofmeyer]
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    In this series, Michelle, myself, and Karen
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    are going to give you step-by-step tutorials
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    in how to work your way through getting a calendar on your website.
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    We're going to start off by creating a field
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    that will help you get data into your calendar
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    so we have events that have date fields in them.
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    We're going to go over all the proper modules you need to install
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    and all the steps that it takes, where to download them, what to enable
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    just to get yourself up and running with the calendar.
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    We're going to introduce you to a new way of getting calendar going with a template
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    instead of using the old methods that we used to
  • 0:46
    where we had to do a lot of configuring of the calendar even just to get one.
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    We're going to go through configuring some blocks
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    and adding blocks to our website so it will allow us to have a mini calendar and upcoming events.
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    We're going to go over some different ways of displaying your calendar
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    and doing things like striping
  • 1:04
    across multiple days, if an event happens to go across a Monday to a Friday.
  • 1:08
    We're going to introduce how to bring taxonomy in
  • 1:12
    and add terms such as boardroom and other different types of rooms
  • 1:15
    and things like that so you can kind of get
  • 1:18
    some organization inside of your calendar.
  • 1:21
    Along with that, we'll show you can add a legend
  • 1:23
    to possibly your sidebar, or anything like that,
  • 1:26
    that shows those taxonomy terms
  • 1:28
    to just kind of make the calendar a lot easier to understand.
  • 1:31
    We're going to do some other stuff like customizing
  • 1:34
    the look and feel of the calendar
  • 1:37
    and get involved in using repeating dates or multiple dates.
  • 1:40
    We're just going to dive right in,
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    and by the end of this series, you will become a calendar guru,
  • 1:46
    maybe even a calendar master,
  • 1:48
    but certainly you will definitely know how to get a calendar
  • 1:51
    up and running on your website.

Calendar Series Overview


In this series we focus on building calendars with Drupal. We'll be covering topics such as basic configuration for fields and views, using calendar templates, creating blocks and different ways of displaying the calendar, along with customizing the look and feel.

This video assumes that you understand the basics of content, fields, and Views in Drupal. If you need a refresher on these topics, or want to find out more about using the Date module, here are some other tutorial series to review:

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