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Display Suite Installation

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  • 0:01
    Display Suite for Drupal 7 - Installation
  • 0:03
    with Kristof De Jaeger
  • 0:04
    Hi, my name is Kristof.
  • 0:06
    I'm also known as swentel on
  • 0:10
    This is the first part of a set of videos in which I will
  • 0:15
    explain every single feature that's available in Display
  • 0:19
    Suite for Drupal 7.
  • 0:23
    For those who do not know what Display Suite is,
  • 0:25
    it is a module that takes head over the display
  • 0:29
    of your notes, users, comments, any entity
  • 0:34
    that's available in your system.
  • 0:37
    In this first part, I will cover actually the installation
  • 0:41
    of the module and some quick overview of all
  • 0:45
    the menu items that will be made available
  • 0:48
    if you install Display Suite.
  • 0:50
    Let me go to my Drupal installation.
  • 0:54
    Installing the module, once you have downloaded it from,
  • 0:57
    you go to modules.
  • 0:59
    Then, you search for Display Suite.
  • 1:01
    Display Suite comes with three modules at this point.
  • 1:05
    There's Display Suite.
  • 1:05
    That's really the core of the whole package.
  • 1:10
    There's also Extras.
  • 1:11
    Extras contains a lot of cool features
  • 1:14
    that you might or not might want to use on your website.
  • 1:21
    There's also a Search Display.
  • 1:22
    Search Display will over write the search page and it works for notes.
  • 1:28
    It works for users.
  • 1:30
    I'm going to enable them all three.
  • 1:33
    Interesting to know, also, is that Display Suite
  • 1:36
    uses Field UI that comes with Drupal 7 Core,
  • 1:40
    but it is not dependent on it.
  • 1:43
    Display Suite can run without Field UI.
  • 1:47
    Once you have configured all your layouts,
  • 1:51
    you can safely disable Field UI and all
  • 1:55
    your configuration will still run.
  • 1:57
    Let's enable the modules, so there you go.
  • 2:01
    Now at this point, nothing is happening.
  • 2:05
    I've created some articles and, as you can see,
  • 2:07
    this is just Drupal Core styling.
  • 2:09
    Display Suite is doing nothing at this point, which is good.
  • 2:13
    If you go to Structure, there will be a new menu item
  • 2:15
    called Display Suite, and I will just add it to my default shortcuts
  • 2:22
  • 2:23
    That's it.
  • 2:24
    This is the main page from which you can
  • 2:27
    start all stuff with Display suite.
  • 2:30
    There is the Extras menu.
  • 2:33
    If you click on it, then you get a screen
  • 2:36
    where you can enable and disable all the extras
  • 2:39
    that come with Display Suite.
  • 2:42
    There's the Fields.
  • 2:45
    Display Suite comes with fields.
  • 2:47
    You can add new fields to the UI, but also via code.
  • 2:52
    We will be getting back to fields in the later part of the videos.
  • 2:56
    There's also Layout.
  • 2:57
    Layout gives you a bird's-eye view of all the entities in your system.
  • 3:02
    You can see Display Suite works on comments,
  • 3:05
    note, taxonomy terms, users.
  • 3:07
    But if you have other entities that have fields,
  • 3:10
    then you can take over the display of them with this module.
  • 3:16
    So as you can see, Node has two bundles
  • 3:19
    called Article and Basic Page.
  • 3:22
    You can actually just go to Manage Display and then start Layout.
  • 3:26
    Let's go back to the Menu.
  • 3:29
    There's a Search Item.
  • 3:30
    Search Item gives you a page where you can configure the settings.
  • 3:34
    We will talk about this later in the later video.
  • 3:39
    There's Styles.
  • 3:40
    Styles will give you the option to give any classes
  • 3:43
    for your styling regions.
  • 3:47
    Again, we'll talk about this later.
  • 3:50
    There's also a View modes.
  • 3:52
    This one extra menu item that's missing right here,
  • 3:55
    and that is to View displays.
  • 3:57
    I'm just going to enable this right here.
  • 4:03
    Let me go back to Display Suite.
  • 4:04
    As you can see here, there's a new menu item
  • 4:07
    called View displays-- I will talk about is again in a later video--
  • 4:14
    but that will allow you to take over the View templates files or
  • 4:19
    an individual row of a view result.
  • 4:24
    That's basically it.
  • 4:26
    That's the installation of Display Suite.
  • 4:28
    So as you can see, there's nothing happening right now.
  • 4:34
    So in the second part of the screencast,
  • 4:37
    I will show you how you can configure
  • 4:39
    the layout for an article.
  • 4:43
    Thank you for watching and until the next screencast.
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Display Suite Installation


Display Suite is a module that controls the display of your notes, users, comments, and any entity that's available in your system.

In this video, I will cover the installation of the module and some quick overview of all the menu items that will be made available if you install Display Suite, through the three modules that are its components: Display Suite, Extras, and Search Display.

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