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Hands-On: Basic Product Reviews

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  • 0:06
    with Addison Berry
  • 0:10
    To get our site started,
  • 0:12
    we need to build our basic content type for our product reviews.
  • 0:17
    So in this lesson, we'll go ahead and Create the base Content Type.
  • 0:21
    And we're going to add a Field group so that we can group several fields
  • 0:25
    together on the form in a field set, so we can sort of organize
  • 0:29
    our content using another field type, called Field group.
  • 0:33
    And then we'll finish it up by setting permissions
  • 0:35
    so that the right people have the right access to this content type.
  • 0:40
    Before we can actually get started building our content type,