How to give a hug

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    How to Give a Hug, Proper Technique Including
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    Do's and Don'ts, CHAPTER 1, with Joe Shindelar
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    JOE SHINDELAR: So maybe a little bit to kind of just break it down.
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    What I want to talk about is the plan here.
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    In order to give an awesome hug, you kind of need to know these things.
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    You have to be able to define what exactly is a hug.
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    We'll also take a quick look at the types of hug
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    that you might want to give someone.
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    We'll talk about some techniques and some possible cautions
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    and warnings, things you might want to heed
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    when you're going to give someone a hug.
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    We'll step through and break down a hug,
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    and talk about all the individual components that make up a hug so,
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    when it comes time to practice, which is of course the last step,
  • 0:55
    we'll have a good idea of what to practice.
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    So a little bit about what exactly is a hug.
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    The dictionary says a definition for a hug
  • 1:08
    is a hug is a verb, to squeeze or embrace, usually with fondness.
  • 1:15
    I looked it up on Urban Dictionary, of course,
  • 1:18
    because I wanted to see what they said.
  • 1:20
    And Urban Dictionary said that a hug is a way of making someone feel
  • 1:22
    all warm and fuzzy inside without being weird about it.
  • 1:26
    And that's mostly true.
  • 1:28
    Sometimes hugs can be a little bit weird.
  • 1:30
    And of course, a hug is, basically it's a method of showing affection.
  • 1:37
    So that defines what a hug is.
  • 1:39
    We could talk about there's lots of types of hugs,
  • 1:42
    by no means limited to four listed here.
  • 1:44
    But you can kind of imagine all the different types of hugs
  • 1:46
    that you could give someone.
  • 1:48
    There's the family hug.
  • 1:49
    Like I like to give my mom hugs when I see her.
  • 1:53
    It's a hug that carries a certain amount of affection,
  • 1:56
    but it's not like a hug for my partner, or someone
  • 1:59
    that I'm in love with.
  • 2:00
    That hug might be a little bit different.
  • 2:01
    You know, I go to give my mom a hug, and it's kind of the-- you
  • 2:07
    use both arms.
  • 2:07
    I'll probably wrap them around her shoulders
  • 2:09
    and give her a pretty good hug, but I'm also
  • 2:11
    going to keep a little bit of distance between us.
  • 2:14
    Not like a real close, I'm giving my girlfriend a hug,
  • 2:18
    and that's going to-- you know, big, wrap my arms
  • 2:21
    around her, maybe a little umh, umh.
  • 2:24
    With my girlfriend, she likes to put her hands up, and I tend to, yeah.
  • 2:30
    I don't know if you've ever hugged a stranger before,
  • 2:33
    but there's the hug where you can try it.
  • 2:35
    Like you walk up to somebody in a grocery
  • 2:38
    store who's totally unsuspecting, and give them a hug.
  • 2:42
    I've actually done this, and it turned out
  • 2:44
    a little bit, well awkward to say the least.
  • 2:47
    I walked up to a woman in a grocery store.
  • 2:48
    And she was working there, and she says,
  • 2:55
    I walk by and kind of like uh, uh, uh.
  • 2:57
    And she's like hey, can I help you with anything?
  • 2:59
    And I said, oh yeah, I'm actually looking
  • 3:01
    to find where the chips are. And she points me to the chip aisle.
  • 3:03
    So I give her a big hug, and say thanks.
  • 3:05
    And she goes-- And it was a little bit awkward, but fun nonetheless.
  • 3:12
    You could talk about techniques for a hug.
  • 3:15
    There's a lot of things to keep in mind when
  • 3:18
    you're going to give someone a hug.
  • 3:20
    There's a one arm hug.
  • 3:22
    One arm over the shoulder, grab them.
  • 3:24
    One arm under, the other arm, pull them in.
  • 3:27
    You could do a one arm with a pat.
  • 3:29
    Kind of the bro hug, if you will.
  • 3:31
    Hey bro, how's it going?
  • 3:33
    You could do the bear hug.
  • 3:38
    At Lullabot, we really like the bear hug, the big,
  • 3:42
    I'm going to squeeze you bear hug.
  • 3:44
    There's the sort of limp noodle, stranger at the grocery store,
  • 3:48
    the hm, this is a little bit awkward.
  • 3:51
    Have you ever hugged someone, and you go to give them a hug,
  • 3:54
    and they just kind of stand there and go--
  • 3:58
    Yeah, that's the limp noodle hug.
  • 4:01
    Boa, basically with reference to snakes, right?
  • 4:05
    I'm going to squeeze you so hard that I'm
  • 4:07
    going to squeeze the breath right out of you.
  • 4:09
    Lots of different types and techniques
  • 4:11
    to keep in mind when you're giving someone a hug.
  • 4:18
    Some words of advice, things to keep in mind
  • 4:21
    when you're going to give someone a hug.
  • 4:24
    Watch out for people significantly taller or shorter that you.
  • 4:27
    This is actually really awkward sometimes.
  • 4:30
    I have a friend who's pretty short, and when I go to give him a hug,
  • 4:33
    It's always a little bit, oops, I'm hugging your head.
  • 4:36
    And that's kind of awkward.
  • 4:39
    Seth that works with us, and he's a tall guy.
  • 4:43
    And I go to give him a hug and, and I go up
  • 4:46
    and it's like, whoa Seth, hi.
  • 4:49
    He's like this much taller than I am,
  • 4:50
    and it can be a little bit awkward, something to keep in mind.
  • 4:53
    Watch out for people with bad breath when you're giving a hug.
  • 4:56
    Like you're getting a little bit close and intimate.
  • 4:58
    And sometimes if they've just like too much garlic or onions
  • 5:01
    for lunch, it can affect the quality of the hug.
  • 5:04
    Keep that in mind for yourself too.
  • 5:06
    You might want to have a breath mint before you go in to give a hug.
  • 5:11
    And of course, there's always the people that have a number of arms
  • 5:15
    is not equal to two can be a little bit awkward in a hugging situation.
  • 5:20
    Just watch out for that.
  • 5:23
    So here we are.
  • 5:25
    I want to break down a hug into its components.
  • 5:27
    These are the things that you kind of
  • 5:29
    want to practice when you're going to give someone a hug.
  • 5:31
    There is the approach component to a hug.
  • 5:34
    The approach is basically like you're coming up to a person,
  • 5:36
    and you're going to give them a hug.
  • 5:38
    How do you do it?
  • 5:40
    Generally, you walk up to them, and you
  • 5:41
    kind of step into it a little bit.
  • 5:43
  • 5:43
    Hugs generally aren't initiated from a like two-foot distance
  • 5:47
    where you kind of go, and lean in and.
  • 5:49
    You might, but probably not.
  • 5:51
    More likely, you're going to kind of take a step forward, lean
  • 5:54
    into the hug a little bit, and put your arms up.
  • 5:57
    This kind of signifies to the person that I'm about to give you a hug,
  • 6:01
    you might want to get ready for this.
  • 6:05
    Once you get the approach and you're actually kind of in the hug,
  • 6:08
    there is the maneuver itself, giving the hug.
  • 6:11
    You approach in, you wrap your arms around the person.
  • 6:14
    At this point, you're kind of in what
  • 6:15
    I like to refer to as the maneuver.
  • 6:17
    You need to keep in mind things like how close am I
  • 6:20
    to this person, how long is this hug going to last?
  • 6:22
    How hard am I squeezing?
  • 6:23
    Where am I placing my hands when I'm hugging this person?
  • 6:26
    Are they on their back?
  • 6:28
    Are they on somewhere that they maybe shouldn't be?
  • 6:31
    Things to keep in mind when you maneuver a hug.
  • 6:34
    Probably the most important part of your maneuver is the duration.
  • 6:40
    And I find that there's sort of a direct correspondence
  • 6:42
    between the length of a hug and awkwardness of it.
  • 6:46
    Hugs can be awkward.
  • 6:48
    Generally, the longer a hug lasts, the more awkward
  • 6:51
    it's going to become.
  • 6:52
    And what you're kind of aiming for is that point right
  • 6:56
    where duration and awkwardness cross.
  • 7:00
    You probably don't want the hug to last so long that it becomes
  • 7:02
    awkward, but you also don't want it--
  • 7:06
    you don't want a premature release for your hug either.
  • 7:09
    So something to keep in mind, all in preparation for your release.
  • 7:12
    The release is probably the simplest part of the hug,
  • 7:15
    but still important.
  • 7:16
    You need to end it sometime.
  • 7:17
    You're in, you're giving them a hug.
  • 7:18
    How do you let go?
  • 7:19
    Is it sort of a oh thanks, pat on the back, step away?
  • 7:22
    Is it a quick release, like ooh, I'm not actually
  • 7:26
    sure I wanted to be here to doing that.
  • 7:28
    Things to keep in mind.
  • 7:31
    And of course, probably the most important thing,
  • 7:33
    if you're going to give hugs to people, is practice.
  • 7:38
    Basically, just start giving hugs.
  • 7:40
    People like hugs.
  • 7:41
    Find Lullabot.
  • 7:42
    We like hugs.
  • 7:43
    Give us one.
  • 7:45
    So a quick recap.
  • 7:46
    A hug is a device that allows us to make someone feel warm and fuzzy
  • 7:52
    without being all weird about it.
  • 7:55
    There's a lot of different types of hugs.
  • 7:57
    We talked about a few.
  • 7:59
    Hugging a family member, the bear hug, the boa hug.
  • 8:03
    And some awkward hugs too.
  • 8:05
    The bro hug, one arm over the shoulder, pat on the back.
  • 8:09
    We talked about some different techniques
  • 8:10
    for hugging, how hard you squeeze, where you place your hands,
  • 8:14
    things to keep in mind.
  • 8:15
    We also talked about things like watching out for people that have
  • 8:19
    fewer than two, and possibly more than two arms,
  • 8:22
    as that can cause some weirdness in a hug.
  • 8:24
    And then of course, remembering, as you're going into this huge
  • 8:27
    and you're practicing, think of it as an approach,
  • 8:30
    a maneuver and a release.

How to Give a Hug


In this video Joe Shindelar goes over some important information about giving hugs. He walks through the various facets of hugs, giving some demonstrations throughout on:

  • Defining a hug
  • Types of hugs
  • Cautions
  • Technique

As Joe admonishes in the video, don't forget to practice your hugging after watching the video. Practice makes perfect!

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