IteratorAggregate: Loop Over an Object

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  • 0:07
    Let me show you just one other really cool magic thing,
  • 0:12
    this is my favorite.
  • 0:14
    Right now in ShipLoader, the getShips method returns an array.
  • 0:18
    Instead of doing that I'm going to return an object, a ship collection object.
  • 0:25
    Don't ask why yet, I'll show you some reasons in a minute.
  • 0:30
    First, create a new PHP Class called ShipCollection.
  • 0:34
    Hey, check it out, PhpStorm already correctly guessed that
  • 0:39
    this should have the Model namespace.
  • 0:41
    It understands our PSR-0 naming convention.
  • 0:46
    Inside, add a private ships property,
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